What to do When Harassed by Creditors


When you have debt, life can be difficult and challenging, especially when you have to be facing and dealing with all the different debt-related problems and ordeals. When you owe a debt to a person, it is a personal issue. However, when you owe a debt to a creditor or an institution, you will have to deal with the dreaded debt collectors.

Debt collectors have always had a gruesome image and persona in the public eye. The public portrays them as people who should not be messed with. They will call you, come to your doorstep, and demand that you should pay your debt.

When dealing with debt collectors or creditors, you need to understand your rights, especially when they are harassing you. There is a Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA, that can protect you from any debt collectors that are unethical. It is a code of conduct that must be followed by debt collectors. When they are harassing you, there are a few things that you need to do.

Identify harassment

harassmentWhat you need to be doing first is to identify the harassment and judge whether it is stated in the code of conduct. The FDCPA states that debt collection agencies, like Portfolio Recovery Associates or others, are not allowed to call several times in a single week. They are also prohibited from speaking to anyone else other than your spouse about the debt that you owe. Yelling and using profane language is also not allowed. Those are just a few among many others.

Sue them

When you have identified that the debt collector or the agency has done anything that is considered harassment, it is advisable that you should sue them. However, you need to base your accusations according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. It is okay to prosecute them because they have misconducted a law and you are entitled to do that. When they have disobeyed the FDCA, you can be entitled to claim compensation in statutory damages and for what they have done.

Talk to a lawyer

lawBefore suing them by yourself, it is best that you go and see a professional lawyer to assist and advise you on the case. A debt lawyer is the best man for the job. A debt law attorney will be able to give legal advice on dealing with creditors according to your situation. Talk to an attorney before prosecuting them so that you will be more knowledgeable on how to tackle and handle the process and the situation.…


Intern Wages Lawyers and Why You Need One


Internships are made to give recent graduates and college students the opportunity to practice what they have studied on and also to gain experience in the field of study. Some internships are paid whereas some are not. In a case where the organization you are interning in is paying you then you will be required to agree with your employer the amount of money and also the period you will be interning. At no point should the employer fail to pay you having signed an agreement.

Some employers have turned out to be unrealistic when they have interns. They will use them in during high season when there is a lot of work, and then they will dump them after the work is relieved without paying them as agreed. If you intern and you are denied fair compensation as an intern, then you can choose to hire an intern wages lawyer who will help you legally get your wages. Hiring an attorney will help you in many ways as outlined in this article.

An attorney is knowledgeable

An intern wage attorney is a professional who has undergone training on how to deal with cases whereby an fdgerintern has been denied his or her wages. With the training, the lawyer will be in a position to do all it takes to have you compensated. The lawyer will know the best method he or she will employ to ensure you get compensated. The lawyer also knows intern wages and so will flow it to the letter to ensure you are compensated.

Has to experience in wage cases

hjyuHiring an intern wages attorney will help you because the lawyer has gained experience on how to handle such cases. A lawyer having handled several wage cases he or she will be well versed in any scenarios and will know how to handle any intern wage case which will be presented to him or her. The lawyer will use his or her expertise to defend and collect evidence, and this will play a role in ensuring you are compensated.

A lawyer understands legal systems

If for instance, you chose to take your employer t court for having failed to pay your intern wages you may fail to win the case because you don’t have knowledge of legal systems. However, in a case where you employ an intern wages attorney, you will have a smooth legal process because the attorney is trained on this and has the experience on legal systems.…


What Short-Term Lawyer Disability Can Do


Some accidents will leave you with short-term disability. For example, if you break one of your arms then you can’t use it for a while until it is fully healed. Or you might fell down the stairs and broke a foot then you will have a difficult time to learn how to live your daily life with the gyps. Not to mention that there is going to be a physical therapy that you need to do before you can get back to your old self and function properly. In the meantime, what you need is a short-term disability lawyer and here is why.

Claim your money

moneyNo matter what the cause of your accident is, you can always claim some money for the injury. But a short-term disability cost a lot of money since you will have to go back to the hospital for check up later and you might not be able to work so you won’t have an income. For this reason, you want to file a short-term disability claim with the help of an experienced lawyer. This way you can at least not get broke because of the event.

Let you rest

Filling the claim is a lot of work that will disturb your recovery process. It is also not easy to do if you have zero experience and knowledge in the matter. A lawyer will let you rest, and they will do the rest for you. This way you can rest assure that everything is taken care of in a good hand.

Deal with your workplace

workIf you happen to have the injury at your workplace, then you definitely want to have a lawyer that can make sure that you are not at a disadvantage. Not everyone is naturally born assertive, and it would be a huge help if someone professional can deal with this for you. Since you will lose a lot of money from dealing with this accident, you don’t want your workplace to escape from the responsibility that they have.

Negotiate with your insurance company

The insurance company is not always want to fulfill what they promise you at the beginning of your relationship with them because they need to profit and sometimes they will even give you less than what you should receive. A lawyer will know your rights and make sure that you will get everything that the insurance company should give you.…


Why you need a tax attorney


It is mandatory for any law abiding citizen to pay taxes to the relevant authorities of their country. The fees you pay helps build your nation in several ways. It is used to pay senior public servants like the judges and ministers who play a role in the serving the country. Top level leaders like the president are also paid using this type of levy. Public facilities like roads and different social amenities are constructed using tax money. One should not hesitate to perform their civic duty of paying taxes. Registered business or organizations are also required to pay taxes. One is provided with a tax compliance certificate which they should they fill and observe.

Several tax-related issues may come up that need the help of a legal practitioner. Several tax attorneys can oversee cases related to your tax payment issues. They will do all it takes to make sure you are cleared off your charges. Hiring an offer in compromise attorney in the los angeles area will help you reach a consensus with the revenue authorities to settle your tax debt for less than the total amount. Tax evasion or defiance can lead to harsh fines and penalties. You should pay your taxes and file your returns in time. Tax attorneys are of great help to one or organizations in several ways. The following are reasons why you need a tax attorney.


Conducting audits

Tax attorneys will help do a review of your firm and keep you safe from any penalty from the revenue authorities. You 003may be charged more for failing to keep up with the proper requirements of these bodies. A reasonable attorney will ensure the auditing process is smooth with no errors. They can set up an offer to compromise the tax debt which will see you paying in installments.


Legal advice

Tax lawyers will offer you legal advice in matters related to your tax compliance. They will help you stay clear of trouble with authorities by advising you on different tax-related issues. The can guide your company in the proper procedures for dealing with those agencies whenever in trouble. A good lawyer will not only focus on litigation issues but give you adequate counsel to help you stay away from a problem.



002Defiance in paying taxes or filing returns may lead to criminal charges being leveled against you by the revenue authorities. Some of these charges may require a court process to resolve them. One should seek the services of a tax lawyer to oversee their case.  You should look for a well-qualified lawyer to win your arguments. This will save you from harsh penalties like long jail terms or fines.…


Advantages of registering your copyright

e54yujrhetwrIt is common to have an idea then sit on it only to see another person execute a similar idea later. Many businesses end up losing potential revenues because they fail to protect their ideas. In this case, they let their concepts, and other non-tangible assets lay bare for anyone to use and possibly claim ownership. Copyrights give a business or an individual the right to own such that they can trade the title in the market for a handsome return. In fact, some businesses are in the business of just trading copyrights for a commission, and this highlights one of the essential features of such an asset. As you read along, you shall see other advantages of registering your copyright. Copyrights come about when you complete authorship of an idea. It can be a book, music, or any other finished idea that you can claim ownership. You need to register a formal copyright within three months of releasing the work to the public.

Benefits of registering your copyright

Copyrights allow you to profit from the asset

The copyright transforms the finished work into an asset. Novelists who enjoy books sales in millions only benefit if their copyright registration gives them a substantial ownership of the work. The same goes for musicians and other assets. The copyrighted work is an asset that you can sell to other parties or share the resulting revenues from the asset with other people. In most cases, you may sell outright or lend ownership to others. Either way, having a copyright allows you to profit from your work, and this is a rewarding experience when such work costs money and effort to produce.

Copyrights have legal protection

As a producer of artwork, you will need a copyright as your legal backup in case someone else uses your idea or the outcomes of the notion without attribution and appropriate permission. For example, if someone else copies your beats and uses them to do a different song, they still owe you for using your copyrighted beats. Therefore, you have a legal basis for claiming compensation. Copyrights are legally recognized instruments of ownership that will protect you against any unrestricted use of your work. They will also allow you to claim full credits. For instance, no other person can declare the right to edit your music, art, book and so on without the permission of the copyright holder.54tyfgdf

A copyright can be your job insurance

If you have copyrights to a given work and need to alert others that it is part of your portfolio, then presenting the copyright registration is all you need to do. For instance, when applying for a book deal with a publisher who does not know you the best thing would be to present copyrights to your previous works to confirm to them that indeed you are the possessor of such skill.

As shown by the three advantages of registering your copyright, there is nothing to lose. All you gain is your reputation, an asset and significant legal protection against the theft of your work and your ideas. Copyrights are the must-have add-on features for any creative idea that you own.…


Factors for picking the right law school

Many people want a prestigious school to be the issuer of their degrees, and that is probably the main reason people give for picking a particular law school. Did you know that there are our multiple factors that you should look into when undertaking such an endeavor? Here are four factors for picking the right law school that you ought to consider before making a choice. They are as essential as any other method that is trusted and works as far as securing the future of your legal career goes.

The pupillage/associate programs that the school has

wrtyjthretrwAs mentioned earlier, you only go picking a given faculty of law over another because you want the best outcome for your career. Thus, it makes sense to look at the bigger picture then use it to narrow down to particular issues that you might have with options that a given school offers. As a potential lawyer, you need a guaranteed entry into the industry. Law schools offer such entry by collaborating with law firms to absorb their final year students and their fresh graduates. Getting into a renowned law firm when you are in final year improves your resume a lot. Thus, a factor to consider always before picking the school is the connections that the school has with the rest of the industry.

The success rate of its alumni in passing bar exams

You might spend four to six years of law school and fail the bar exams. This outcome might occur because you are ill-prepared or because the learning environment lacked sufficient resources to help you in that task. People learn differently, and the presence of many options allows almost everyone to find at least one that works for them. Therefore, you increase your odds of passing bar exams when you join a school that has multiple formats of teaching including real mock trials in the outside world. Schools that have a disciplined culture also favor the right self-efficiency and hard-work habits in their students and promote their preparedness for the bar exams. In short, you should be looking for a school that offers maximum support to you as a student, a potential lawyer, an individual, and a citizen.

The alumni network in your target state

435t4yhregwrAlumni networks help new attorneys to acclimatize to conditions outside the law school. They also provide valuable information about what you need to do to succeed beyond the basics of practicing law. Thus, it might be unfortunate for you if there are few or one in your city. You want to leave the school and join the field when you are ripe and when there is a large enough safety net for your career as provided by alumni networks. Consequently, it should be in your best interest to keep searching for a school with a significant number of alumni members in your target cities.

You can proceed to pick a law school based on its prestigious status. However, only do that after you add these three factors for choosing the right law school to make that prestige tag work in your favor. Those who are practicing law now and succeed in their careers followed this advice.…