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3 Ways To Transition Your Home to Fall

With the equinox in our rear-view mirror, there’s no denying that autumn is here—it’s fall, y’all! So naturally, this calls for a transition at home to mimic the changing atmosphere all around you. Just what does this transformation entail? Put simply, an awful lot. From the decorations you display to the spaces you occupy, each seemingly minor detail comes together to create an undeniable sense of all things autumn. No factor is too small, be it a fun-size candy bar or a careful look at your seasonal to-do list.

1. Upgrade your festive decor.


There are certainly people who start breaking out Christmas lights once Labor Day has passed, but there’s no need to rush the seasons. After all, who would want to miss out on the beautiful decor autumn has to offer? Notably, you can take your fall decorations in one of two popular styles: focusing on autumnal holidays or the season more broadly. Or, you can easily merge the two to create a whole new look.

For instance, how about some seasonal plants for patio planters? Mums are a common autumn flower that’s sure to please. Alternatively, look for a bit of greenery that can extend the brighter climate a bit longer. Plants such as giant birds of paradise, star jasmine, or rainbow succulents are all attractive options that could brighten up your patio. Just be sure to do your research or talk to a pro before adding new patio plants to your collection, especially if they’ll be outdoors through autumn.

2. Incorporate the senses.


The sight of fall decor isn’t the only detail you can curate to transition your home to the new season. Instead, consider how you’d include your other senses, too. Making your space a little warmer and cozier is one easy way to do this. Spend just a few minutes studying up on the Scandinavian concept of hygge, and you’ll be ready to upgrade the comfort level of your home this autumn.

For example, as a homeowner, you’re always working to transform your kitchen into the heart of your home. One especially way to do just that is by incorporating autumnal scents into the space. Simmer a pot of water infused with citrus rinds, apple or pear skins, bay leaves, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, or other seasonal fragrances. When homeowners call the kitchen the heart of the home, they’re probably thinking of it as a more functional space. This may be a more aesthetic concept, but it’s one with a massive impact nevertheless.

3. Check off your maintenance tasks.


Homeowners have to do much more than make their homes aesthetically pleasing when a new season comes along. Unsurprisingly, there’s plenty of home maintenance to be done, especially with winter lurking on the horizon. Both indoors and outdoors, there’s no escaping the repairs, cleaning, and preparations needed for your home to transition through autumn.

As just a few important details, be sure to tidy up your landscaping, clear your gutters or rain spouts, and ensure your home will stand up to the safety needs of winter weather. Ensure any window AC units are removed, chimneys are cleaned, and supplies are gathered for the season ahead.

Few things in life are as unavoidable as the changing of seasons with each year. The best way to proceed is by ensuring your home is ready for autumn and all that comes with it. From festive foliage to seasonal scents, there’s plenty to enjoy about a fall-ified home. Then, with a bit of more mundane maintenance, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy pumpkin patches, hayrides, football games, and trick or treating, no matter what else the season sends your way.



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