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Home Improvements You Can Make on a Budget

While home improvements can be outrageously expensive, they don’t have to be. No two renovation projects are exactly the same. If you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade but are on a budget, fear not. There are many DIY projects out there that will make your home more comfortable and give you something fun to do on weekends.

After a year of lockdowns, shutdowns and remote working, many of us are anxious for a change of environment. Even though the pandemic isn’t over, we can start the new year with home improvement renovations that will make our space feel new again. If you are interested in a renovation that’ll go easy on the wallet, either as a DIY project or by hiring a contractor, read on.

Outdoor Space


Social distancing and COVID-19 related regulations have had us appreciating Mother Nature and our own backyards more than ever before. A great way to make your home feel bigger is to extend your living space into the outdoors. It only takes a quick browse on the internet to find hundreds of cheap projects that could make your outdoor space feel new again. Whether it’s buying stones and spending the afternoon putting in a crushed stone fire pit, or having bricks delivered for that new walkway or patio, YouTube and other social media platforms will even show you just how to do it. At the end of the day, you’ll have a new space and but can skip the hefty fines of a general contractor or professional upgrade.

A Home Office


When considering DIY home renovations, think about the areas you use most. With more people working remotely than ever before, one spot to hit with a fresh coat of paint could be your home office. Cheap and easy to do yourself, this is an effective way to make your office feel more professional. If painting isn’t your thing, a quick home improvement project could be replacing old floors with something new or even just changing light fixtures. No matter how big or small, it’s the details in any home improvement project that will make the room feel new.

A Finished Basement


Maybe you spent the early part of 2020 making major renovations throughout your home. Maybe your entire house has been remodeled. But what about your basement? Often forgotten about and used simply as storage space or the place where laundry goes, one cheap home improvement project you could do is to gather your family members and spend a few weekends rethinking your basement. This is where creativity is key—you’ll want to make good use of the internet for ideas on sites like Pinterest. This project doesn’t have to be fancy; you don’t need to put in hardwood floors or rugs. Instead, you could just pick up a few gallons of concrete paint and roll garage flooring on. Giving the floor texture to prevent injuries, your kids could soon enough be throwing on the rollerblades as a new place to hang out or exercise. Don’t have kids? This would work for a home gym too. These simple changes can make a huge difference.

While vaccines mean the pandemic is likely to ease in 2021, 2020 has taught us that our homes are more important than we might have thought before. By considering how we’ve used our space over the last year, we can spend this coming year finding easy, cheap ways to make the space feel new again without spending a ton of money. Whether it’s new shelves or moving furniture to better suit your needs, a home remodel doesn’t have to be expensive. Instead, if you reach out to members of your family and sit down with a plan, you can soon enough come up with some affordable home renovation and improvement plans to ring in the new year. Before you know it, you might just realize you’re living in the home of your dreams.



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