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What Does a Key Maker Do and Why Should I Get One?

How often have you found yourself needing to get a fresh set of keys for a neighbor to have? Do you ever need to make a spare car key to let a family member access a parked car when you’re not home? You’ve probably found yourself going to your local locksmith to get a key cut for as many copies as you needed. However, for some, having a key maker is actually a sound investment to make duplicates with ease and not have to head to a hardware store or locksmith to get them done.

What Key Makers Do


A key maker duplicates and originates edge-cut and laser keys with their included jaws. With the purchase of additional jaws, key cutters have the ability to cut car keys with vehicle mounting support, adjustable viewing screens, and larger protective shields for increased compatibility. Portable key-making machines allow for a mobile lock shop. This includes key cutting machines with dual cutting stations for significantly faster cutting and improved software to address any immediate issues with the unparalleled precision of a key duplicator.

Key punch machines combine the ability to operate entirely off of battery power makes the portable key cutting machine the ultimate field machine. Additionally, key punch machines are designed to provide factory original keys at the speed of a key duplicator. These easy-to-use machines handle any key type and can be set up within a factory to provide automatic spacing and depth. Requiring no electricity to operate, key punch solutions are ideal for portable on or off-site use. Key makers are ideal for any operation that requires precision keys.

Varieties of Key Machines


If you’re dealing with a lockout from your car, building, or even your mailbox, a key machine can be useful for any business that regularly relies on locksmith services. Key machines break down into four primary categories for business use:

  • Key cutting machines
  • High-security machines
  • Standard security key machines
  • Transponder programming

High-security key duplication has become quite popular in automotive security. These machines include a variety of remote control testers, key programmers, diagnostic devices, and even more to make a great job come to life. The momentum continues in key-making innovation with new technologies on the market for locksmiths and security professionals. Authorized distributors with years of experience will look to get an assessment of your locksmith situation to determine the high-quality equipment that your business may require. After all, if you’re relying on just a single key, you may not feel the need for key creation with such a significant turnaround.

Changing Locks


Having a key machine is a pivotal point of access control when it comes to changing any locks. You can have a key copy in no time whether you are changing your household lock, or trying to conduct a repair on a specific room within your business. A key machine can duplicate and originate edge-cut and laser keys with its included jaws. With the purchase of optional jaws, a key maker gains the ability to cut beyond just the standard keys through lock repair.

With ever-changing technology, locksmiths are now able to carry machinery with a footprint small enough to fit into any odd space that needs filling. These portable solutions are great in any event, from replacing house keys to getting a new car key designed to gain entry into a vehicle. These tools have all the same functions and key cutting capabilities as a full-size key maker, but do it all in a smaller package that is driven via a Bluetooth and phone interface. The possibilities are endless when you invest in the right key machine.



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