What Is Catastrophic Health Insurance?

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Catastrophic health insurance covers medical emergencies, such as sudden procedures, illnesses, injuries, and accidents, and preventive care. This coverage option comes with lower premiums each month, but higher deductibles, compared to other insurance plans. Catastrophic health insurance begins paying for health care expenses when insured persons pay the deductible. People with catastrophic health insurance have […]

What to Do If Your Car Is Stolen

a person driving a car

There are few worse feelings than finding your car is gone. It’s even worse if you have kids with you or an armful of groceries! You’re stuck holding the bag while someone else makes off with the vehicle you love so much. Don’t panic Your first inclination will be panic, but just remember that panicked people […]

5 Things to Triple-Check Before Applying for a New Job

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You could have a multitude of reasons to apply for a new job. Being currently unemployed is arguably the best reason to start looking for a job, but you may have found that your current job isn’t as good of a fit as you thought it would be, or you may just be ready to […]