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What Is Catastrophic Health Insurance?

Catastrophic health insurance covers medical emergencies, such as sudden procedures, illnesses, injuries, and accidents, and preventive care. This coverage option comes with lower premiums each month, but higher deductibles, compared to other insurance plans. Catastrophic health insurance begins paying for health care expenses when insured persons pay the deductible. People with catastrophic health insurance have benefits of discounted rates with doctors, pharmacies, labs, and hospitals. Staying within a particular health insurance provider network allows catastrophic plans to pay all covered medical costs.

After paying the deductible, catastrophic coverage plans will cover essential medical expenses such as mental health care, substance abuse treatment, maternity care, blood tests, and doctor visits. Without paying the deductible, catastrophic health plans will pay for three trips to a primary care provider, and preventive health care such as flu shots, contraception, and screening mammograms.

To qualify for catastrophic health insurance plans, someone must be younger than 30 years old or be facing certain hardships eligible for exemption. Hardships include domestic violence, grief, bankruptcy, and homelessness due to natural or human-made disasters, eviction, or a home foreclosure.

Having catastrophic health insurance can be a useful safety net for motorcycle riders. In the United States, motorcyclists make up 14 percent of traffic-related deaths. A motorcycle lacks the covering that a car, truck, or van has, exposing a motorcyclist to extreme weather and environmental conditions and road hazards, such as potholes. The likelihood of injuries and fatalities increases when a motorcyclist doesn’t wear their helmet. Fifty-four percent of American motorcyclists who incurred injuries in motorcycle accidents weren’t wearing helmets. Seventy-two percent of motorcycle riders killed in accidents weren’t wearing helmets (2018).

If a motorcyclist gets in an accident, they should consult a motorcycle accident attorney. Motorcyclists in Pennsylvania can turn to Conrad Law Offices for legal assistance. The legal expertise of an attorney is essential for accidents where someone sustains injuries, mild and severe. Taking photographs of one’s injuries and bike wreckage is beneficial documentation for a case. Attorneys at this Pennsylvania law office understand that insurance company agents may pressure injured parties to agree to settlements quickly, so they advocate on their clients’ behalf in a way that allows clients and their families to focus on healing.

Following a motor vehicle accident, some people can’t ride motorcycles, drive, or return to work. No one should have to handle the stress of being unable to pay for care and medical bills in addition to the physical, mental, and emotional effects of injuries.

Uninsured people and those in-between insurance plans who have accidents and endure health catastrophes may feel overwhelmed at paying everything out-of-pocket. People who need a temporary solution to their health crises should consider short term catastrophic health insurance. They can find health plans through Agile Health Insurance. Agile Health Insurance gives insurance-seekers individual and short-term insurance quotes.

Short term health plans cover healthcare services, such as emergency room visits, surgeries, and intensive care. Individuals and families using short-term coverage can pay for services from any doctor or medical professional, and any hospital or medical facility. People can continue visiting their current physician and doctor’s office if they have one.

People can apply for such coverage at any time and use their plans as soon as the next day, as plans are available without waiting periods. Using Agile Health Insurance, the online leader in short term health insurance policies, people can find streamlined coverage from providers that suit the medical and financial needs of their present situation.

Individuals and families should seek financial and legal safeguards to help them in health catastrophes and emergencies so that they can focus on treatment and recovery.



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