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What to Do If Your Car Is Stolen

There are few worse feelings than finding your car is gone. It’s even worse if you have kids with you or an armful of groceries! You’re stuck holding the bag while someone else makes off with the vehicle you love so much.

Don’t panic

Your first inclination will be panic, but just remember that panicked people have trouble thinking clearly. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that if the car is gone, it’s gone, and no amount of panic can bring it back. Take the time to think carefully about your car and what was in it so you can tell the police and your insurance company.

Is there any chance you know who could have taken your car? Do you have any friends who might think it’s funny, an ex-boyfriend who still has a key or someone who’s been threatening you? If a name pops up, a quick people search online could help you find a phone number and resolve the issue quickly.

Call the police

Whenever you’re looking for a stolen anything, whether it’s a car, a computer, or even a person, you’re most likely to find it in the first few hours. As soon as you make the call, the police will send out word about your vehicle.

This is important because most car thieves plan to take your vehicle quickly to a hiding place where they can sell it for parts. Once they reach that place, it becomes exponentially more difficult to find your vehicle. If you get the word out while the thieves are still on the road, all the police in the general area will have their eye out for it.

Gather evidence

While you’re waiting for the police to arrive, take the time to find out if there’s any evidence. This could include CCTV camera footage or the testimony of witnesses who might’ve seen something. Start by asking anyone in the area whether they noticed your car or a person acting suspiciously.

Once that’s done, check around for any CCTV cameras. If you see any on a building or home, ask the owner if they might have footage. Just be sure you don’t go inside for so long the police have trouble finding you.

Call the insurance company

Your insurance provider will need all the details of the theft as well as your insurance policy number and the police report number. Depending on your policy, you may have coverage for the car itself and whatever was in it. Some insurance providers will also offer you a rental to use while they process the claim.

In some cases, the police may find your car in a damaged condition. In that case, your insurance may pay to have it repaired or give you the coverage value if it’s beyond repair.

Call everyone else

Depending on what was in your car, you may need to make some other calls. If you had paperwork belonging to someone else, call them immediately and let them know it’s been stolen.

If there was a house key in the car, you may want to phone the locksmith immediately and get the locks changed. If you had any bank information or credit cards in the car, you should let the bank know so they can immediately secure your accounts.

Having your car stolen is always a traumatic event, but having the right insurance can give you some peace of mind. Compare Car Insurance providers with iSelect and find the best insurance policy for you today.



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