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Tips to Keep Your Furniture in Top Condition

Furniture can last for a lifetime as long as you keep it in good condition. Make no mistake, every piece of furniture is susceptible to abrasions and scratches, regardless of the craftsmanship and quality. It’s not surprising that furniture manufacturers provide specific cleaning and care instructions for their products.

Certainly, furniture that isn’t in pristine condition can make your home or office look bad. That’s why it’s prudent to keep your furniture in top condition, considering how much it would cost to replace them. Below are some vital tips for keeping your furniture in top condition.

1. Ensure that you protect it from moisture.


Protecting your furniture from moisture can prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Many pieces of furniture are made from natural fibers like wool, cotton, and Japanese-style futon. Say, for example, that you own a futon mattress that can’t be removed and washed. In this case, it’s better to spot clean it.

Moreover, futon foam mattresses are not chemically treated. Also, unlike removable wool mattresses, you can’t remove and wash futon mattresses. This is because the shell of the futon is tufted to hold the batting in place. So it’s best to spot clean any stains and spills with an absorbent sponge and hydrogen peroxide or baking soda. Better still, you can take your traditional Japanese futon furniture outside to bask in the sun. That way, you can rejuvenate and sterilize the futon fibers.

2. Keep pieces of furniture you are not using in storage.

Keeping furniture in pristine condition for an extended period takes a bit of work. That’s why storing the furniture correctly is just as important. When planning a renovation or moving to a new home, your best bet is to store your furniture in a self-storage space with climate control. Items stored in a climate-controlled storage space tend to stay in top condition all year round. You can find any of such services via a quick online search.

Let’s say you live in Henderson, NV, near Las Vegas. A quick online search for ‘climate controlled storage in Henderson, NV‘ will likely bring up a few good results in the Henderson area. Regardless of your choice, you have to ensure that the storage facility offers protection from the elements. Additionally, make sure your pieces of furniture are clean and dry before storing them away.

3. Buy furniture made from quality materials.


Antique shops attest to the fact that a piece of furniture can survive for centuries. The life expectancy of furniture depends mainly on the materials used in its construction, amongst other things. This doesn’t mean that your maintenance task becomes easier when you buy furniture made from premium quality materials. Furniture pieces are usually made from wood, glass, fabric, or plastic materials.

Any furniture made with quality materials tends to maintain its aesthetic appeal for longer. If you’re looking to keep your furniture in top condition, start by buying quality furniture. When looking for the best stores to buy furniture, always opt for stores with a good brand reputation.

4. Clean your furniture thoroughly.

Thoroughly cleaning furniture can help prevent the growth of mold and dust in your home or office. For wooden pieces, use a wood cleaner or mild soap and water to clean the surfaces. Furthermore, ensure you clean fabric items like seat cushions and couches with an upholstery cleaner. For furniture with metal sections, polish those surfaces with a cloth and metal cleaner. This helps to remove existing oxidations and delays the build-up of tarnishes.

5. Use the right cleaning products.


It’s vital to always use the right cleaning products to keep furniture looking good. For example, glass furniture looks stunning and offers a range of versatility regardless of the style. However, it also requires proper care and maintenance to keep looking shiny and in top condition. Also, you need to use the right cleaning products that prevent streaks on the glass surface. More importantly, avoid using abrasive materials to prevent scratches.



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