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How to Lower your Electricity Bills When You’re Home all Day

If you spend a lot of time at home or you work remotely, you may notice a spike in your energy bill. Some areas of the world allow you to switch electricity providers in pursuit of the cheapest electricity plan. For others, small renovations or simple lifestyle changes will be effective at keeping costs low.

Take advantage of zonal heating

Some heating setups zonal heating allows you to personally adjust the temperature of each room without paying to heat your entire house. Fine-tune your existing electricity rates by turning off the heat in an unused room.

Electric space heaters are a fast solution to get started for those with limited space or for those who aren’t ready for a utility company to do in-home work. By turning off the heat where you don’t need it, you can save money with any electricity rate. Not every home is equipped with zonal heating, but it is an investment that pays off in the long run.

Find the cheapest electricity rate online

Not all energy companies are the same, and if you live in a deregulated area, switching electric companies is an option. With energy companies in a competitive market, there will be several natural gas and electricity plans to consider. Fortunately, some algorithms provide simple, organized data on Cheap electricity.

Those who live in Austalia and are looking to ensure they have the cheapest electricity in their zip code can compare electricity plans with iSelect. You’ll be able to use the site’s algorithm to compare different rates in your zip code to find your best option for cheap electricity. The algorithm asks that you list your zip code and your current natural gas and electricity providers.

A phone number is also needed for additional customer service. A recent bill can also be used in the algorithm to identify an electric plan with the best rate for your usage level. Once you’ve given this basic information, the algorithm gets to work. Browse the resulting list of electric companies with cheap electricity rates. View the details of plans to compare the different rates per kWh. Once you’ve found the lowest rate, you’re ready to switch.

Beware of hidden fees

A company’s low rates sometimes disguise the true cost of reliant energy. Hidden fees can complicate the search for cheap energy rates, so talk with friends and neighbors read reviews online. When speaking with an energy company’s customer service, be sure to read contracts thoroughly and ask questions to avoid any surprises later on. Read customer reviews online to evaluate the experience of existing customers. Any hidden fees won’t be hidden for long.

Consider solar energy

Solar panels provide renewable energy for a household looking to attain cheap electricity. A solar panel installation has been shown to drastically reduce bills, up to 90% in some cases.

Turn your home into a personal power plant with the installation of solar panels. A growing number of utility companies offer solar panel installation, typically placed on the roof, so limited space is not an issue here. Because solar panels harvest free clean energy from the sun, they have become a strong competitor with even the cheapest electricity plans. A self-sustaining system can eliminate the appearance of above-ground power lines, as well. If you’re unhappy with your electricity usage level over the last year, it may be time to see if your home is a good fit for solar panels.

Take advantage of sliding windows

The cheapest natural source of temperature will always be the ventilation form an open window. It’s important to keep your windows in good condition. As much as 40% of a home’s heat could leak from windows, an inspection may be in order for some drafty areas. If a replacement is needed, sliding windows are the best option due to the operative sash that regulates airflow.

The sash glides in either direction to adjust ventilation to cool your home like a thermostat. Slider windows are an excellent choice for a warm or cool new home. If you can manage it, install your sliders directly across the room from one another. The airflow past one sash to the other will cool your new home with increased efficiency. In any setup, fresh air and natural light will always be cheaper than any electric plan.

Whether you switch to the cheapest electricity rate, embrace clean energy, or slide open a sash, you can count on paying less while staying at home.



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