Mediation is one of the ways that is used to resolves some legal disputes outside the court. During the mediation process, the parties agree on a neutral mediator. The neutral mediator, in this case, is typically an attorney who is experienced in matters of resolving the various conflicts.

The mediator usually works closely with both parties to help in solving the problem at hand. We highlight some of the reasons why mediation is critical in resolving various conflicts.

Less Expensive

mediation The court proceedings are typically expensive. Some court cases take more than one year for various reasons. When a matter comes up before a court, several procedures must be met. Before the trial, there is usually something that is referred to as the pre-trial that the parties have to go through.

At times it may require you to travel thousands of miles away to attend the court proceedings. If you choose the mediation path, you will not have to go through this challenging and expensive process.

Mediation is Private

When a matter is in the court, it no longer becomes a private matter but a public issue. This explains why the members of the public usually follow some court proceedings closely especially if the people involved are celebrities. The benefits of mediation is that it gives the individuals the much needed peace.

Some court cases have destroyed the reputation of some of these individuals because of some of the things that are discussed in the courts. Mediation is usually private and protects both parties from information that may destroy their reputation.

Less Emotive

symbols of lawThe mediation process is less emotive as compared to the court proceedings. When you decide to go to the courts, there are usually two outcomes guilty or not guilty. At times a person might be guilty, but due to the weak case that is put up by the prosecution, he ends up in losing the argument.

This usually leads to bitterness as much as the courts settle the matter. This is however not the case with mediation. Both parties will have to agree and disagree but at the end of the day reach a compromise.

Convenient Date

Last but not least, when it comes to the mediation process both parties agree on the ideal time and venue where they get to meet with the mediation attorney. This is flexibility in this unlike going for the court process which sets dates of hearing without consulting any of the parties.